Start your son’s journey into manhood with an epic Rite of Passage

A truly UNFORGETTABLE experience with a LASTING positive impact

Why is a Rite of Passage important?

Because one way or another, your son WILL be INITIATED into manhood

Dangerously Good Men’s Father and Son Rite of Passage will help you lead your son into manhood with Intention!

It’s Up to YOU to make sure your son is prepared for the challenges ahead…

But you don’t have to go it alone.

Check out some of the experiences you and your son will share when you attend DGM’s Initiation Rite of Passage

Attending Dangerously Good Men’s Initiation Rite of Passage will give you the tools and support to make a legendary man!

Deep Connection

First and foremost, we work to create a space where father and son forge a deeper bond than ever before. Your son is approaching an incredibly challenging time of life, and we want him to understand that he doesn’t have to face any of it alone! The way you
and your son will interact and learn together will transform the way you see your son (and the way he sees you!)
You may have dragged a whiny boy out of bed to get him here, but you’ll be leaving with a
young man to lead!

Compelling Vision

When we combine a stunning setting with exciting activities, invigorating challenges,
and stimulating discussions,
you and your son can’t help but be inspired to dream of
living with a higher purpose!
You’ll participate in sessions specifically designed to help you develop a vivid picture of the future the two of you will work
together to create!

Tools for the Journey Ahead

You will no doubt see big changes in your son while you’re here, but the real work of making him into a man will continue long after you leave the lodge.
The great news is that in addition to the shared memories, you’ll be taking with you meaningful totems, along with powerful tools and strategies that will help you:
-Communicate Effectively
-Dream Strategically
-Navigate Challenges Confidently

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Initiation Rite of Passage

  • Each event is limited to 8 father and son pairs (one son between the ages of 11-15)

June 6-8, 2024

Four Payments of $1125


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Most men know they need to do SOMETHING to help their son become a man, they just have no idea WHEN or WHERE to begin

No Connection

Your son may have too many extracurricular activities.
You may have to spend too much time at work.
Your son may be really different than you…

The truth is that every reason you could give is really just an EXCUSE.
And no excuse is going to buy you more time with your son or bring the two of you any closer.

But the instant you sign up for the Initiation Rite of Passage, you’ll begin an intentional journey that eliminates distractions, establishes communication, and creates powerful moments that will deepen the bond with your son and create memories you’ll share for the rest of your lives.

No Plan

I can’t tell you how many fathers have shared this same concern with me.

Some Dads get overwhelmed by the number of topics they feel need to be
covered like:

  • Physical changes
  • Relationships
  • Sex
  • Communication
  • Physical Fitness
  • Bullies
  • Work
  • Developing Skills
  • Money
  • Discovering Purpose
  • Avoiding Pitfalls
  • Core Values
  • Accountability
  • Developing Goals
  • And more…

Others know what they want to teach their sons, but feel unqualified or just plain uncomfortable bringing up the subjects.

That’s why it’s so important to team up with other dads who can help you!

We’ll break the ice for you on the awkward topics, and by teaming up with other dads to initiate your son you never have to feel alone facing the tough

Tumalo Lake Lodge outside of Bend, OR

No Resources

Whether it’s time, money, or the help of other good men, most dads could point to at least one of these areas as the reason they can’t properly initiate their son.

Finding the right space, coordinating the dates with other men, and providing everything it takes to make your son’s initiation a deeply meaningful experience is a daunting challenge that can take months of planning and easily cost you $10,000.00 or more!

But when you sign up for the Initiation Rite of Passage, it’s like
getting a fast pass to skip all the hassle and jump right into the adventure!

Don’t take our word for it, hear what other dads have to say!

This stuff is everlasting

Being a dad is not a hobby. Why wouldn’t you invest in developing the skills to help your son. This stuff is everlasting.
Father of 12yr old son

Unbelievable impact and value

I had the privilege of helping Bill with a recent Initiation and let me tell you, I sure wish I could have brought my son Sam to an event like this! The tools and tactics learned by the fathers and sons improved communication and will no doubt help them for years to come.
Father of 16yr old son

What’s Included?

  • Transportation between Redmond Municipal Airport and the Initiation site as well as transportation to and from our off-site adventure
  • Premium accommodations in a stunning 6,000sq ft lakefront lodge
  • Each father/son pair will stay in their own private bedroom with en-suite facilities
  • Access to multiple hot tubs and a large premium sauna, perfect for easing sore muscles from your shared adventures or just relaxing while reviewing each days insights and discoveries
  • Top notch meals and snacks prepared by our private chef beginning with dinner on Thursday thru breakfast on Saturday
  • Including a celebratory steak feast for dinner Friday
  • 15 different sessions ranging from guided discussions and journaling times to fun games and challenging outdoor activities, all designed to guide you and your son into deeper connection as you develop a shared vision for the man he will become
  • Off-site Adventure Excursion
  • Personal notebooks and all supplies needed for each session
  • Individual certificates for father and son to commemorate the Initiation
  • Books for each of you to take home
  • An inspiring fiction adventure book for the sons
  • A guidebook full of resources to help the fathers continue guiding
  • Powerful tokens to memorialize the lessons learned together and to aid
  • A personalized leather quiver for the sons
  • Six custom wooden arrows for the fathers
  • A personalized leather journal for each pair to chronicle the
  • Plus a few bonus surprises…


Bill Winchester

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Bill grew up in the city, but that didn’t keep
him from constantly seeking out adventure. From climbing trees and building forts in
his younger years to swapping engines and wheeling in his ’65 FJ-40, he was always
looking for a challenge to test his abilities and fuel his passion for growth.

In 2000, Bill married his high school sweetheart, Christie, and started up his own
remodeling company. One daughter, two sons, and 20yrs later, Bill and his family
“escaped” from the city and moved to the high desert outside of Bend, Oregon where
adventure abounds.

After decades of transforming homes and years of coaching his boys’ teams, Bill has
combined his experience and passion to pursue his new calling of making
Dangerously Good Men

REGISTER NOW FOR Dangerously Good Men’s

Initiation Rite of Passage

  • Each event is limited to 8 father and son pairs (one son between the ages of 11-15)

June 6-8, 2024

Four Payments of $1125


One Time Payment of



Frequently asked questions

While every boy is unique, most enter puberty between the ages of 9-14, and  while the physical transformation is pretty obvious, mental and emotional  changes are occurring as well. In my opinion there is far more harm in being late  than early when it comes to initiating boys.

As they say, “You can’t put the genie  back in the bottle”. Don’t wait until your son is treating your his mom  disrespectfully and taking stupid risks just to assert his independence. His  relationship with mom is supposed to change. His desire to find his own identity  is normal.

Missing out on the opportunity to guide him through these challenges  just means more pain and frustration for your son and everyone who loves him.

Nope. Don’t bring your 10yr old either. In my experience 12-14 years of age is  the ideal range for when boys should be initiated, but our program is open to  boys 11-15yrs of age.

For the dads whose sons aren’t quite ready to be initiated I have some  resources I’d love to share with you. 

For those dads worried they missed the opportunity to initiate their sons, I’m  really excited about another program I’m developing just for you and your older  son. 

In either case, shoot me an email for more details.

You totally can and there are even a number of great books to help you out. In  fact, thats exactly how I did things for my son Jake. That said, there is  absolutely something different about initiating boys in community.

Whether it’s  less stress on the son because he’s not the only boy being initiated or less  pressure on dad because he isn’t responsible for everything going on, the result  is genuine and authentic connection that’s hard to create while managing they  event on your own.

And while you could probably do something cheaper, you  couldn’t do what we’ll help you do for anywhere close to the cost.

I know it might seem easier if you didn’t have to miss work and your son didn’t  have to miss school. But we’re not aiming for easier here, we’re aiming for  impact. Imagine if your dad told you he was pulling you from school and taking  off work to spend some time with just you. How would you feel? 

Impact – 1 Easy – 0 

Now imagine the trip home on Saturday and all the great conversation you’ll be  able to have with your son without having to worry about work the next morning. Impact – 2 Easy – 0

Finally, imagine having an extra day to review what you just went through  together and even share it with the rest of the family 

Impact – 3 Easy – 0

Nope. One of the best things you can do for your son is to share in some  experiences like this that will help build his confidence. While we’re definitely  going to challenge your son (and you) in order to help you discover more about  yourselves, this isn’t a boot camp or scared straight. If you can handle some  strenuous activity and you love your son enough to get uncomfortably real with  him, your both going to reap huge rewards for your effort!

Still have questions?

If you cannot find an answer to your question in our FAQ, you can always contact us
and we will be with you shortly.